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Elvstrom Mid-Atlantic & Affiliates

Elvstrom Sails - Mid-Atlantic
Chuck O'Malley

In September of 2016 Chesapeake Sailmakers became the very first Elvstrom Sails Sail Point in North America. Our new affiliation has created Elvstrom Sails Mid-Atlantic. The Elvstrom name is legendary around the world. They have been building sails for over 65 years in Europe and are the second largest sailmaker in the world.

Elvstrom boasts a 100,000 sq.ft. production facility, utilizing state of the art computerized design software, integrated laser cutting tables and the proprietary EPEX membrane sail process. All Elvstrom sails are produced at the companies centralized production facility in Aabenraa, Denmark to the highest standards in the industry.


Elvstrom Mid-Atlantic is working in conjunction with Elvstrom Sails to grow the Elvstrom brand in the Mid-Atlantic region. Below you will find a listing of Elvstrom Dealers ready to fit a new set of Elvstrom sails on your boat or provide service and repair to your existing sails.  ​

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Canvas Connection
Herrington Harbor North
Christine Germann
owen stealth.jpg

Owen Miller

Rigging & Sail Consultant

New Jersey


Far Horizons Yacht Sales
Middle River & Baltimore
Jay Goldsberry

TM Yachts & Rigging

Lake Norman & Wilmington NC


Tommy Mercer

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