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Prepare for Glory. That perfect flying shape, designed by experts, built by European craftsman, Regatta Proven. Maestro is ready to take on your toughest competitor!
 No Compromise, No Excuses racing. Every second counts, you fight for inches, every team member has to perform at the top level. You need Zonda on your team!

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Whether you’re into weekly club racing or you take part in some of the classic regattas around the world, we design the sail to fit your challenges. Racing sails have a wealth of trimming options, and are available in many different choices of cloth types with the ability to retain the shape. Some of our racing sails are ideal for club racing and some specifically designed for the bigger regattas and Grand Prix racing. Designed to provide ultimate performance in all conceivable conditions without suffering any damage. All our research and knowledge is being put into designing the optimal racing designs.