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 We have a sail for every passion!
You want to relax on the bay with some good friends and family. Enjoy some low impact cruising with simplified trimming and ease of use. Alisio fits you perfectly!
You want the best of both worlds, whether your off for the summer cruise or down at the club for a weekend race. Durability and Performance go hand in hand.                  Marin is your choice!
You're ready for the big journey, keen to explore the seven seas. At this point you need trouble- free sailing even after thousands of miles. Ultimate Reliability. You need Solano!
Specifically designed for Multihulls. Whether you race a performance Trimaran or enjoy the comfort of your cruising Catamaran, Koonaa is for you! 

Our Approach

Purchasing sails is a very personal decision. One that requires some research to determine what best suits your sailing needs.  The sails that your dock mate has may not be the right sails for your boat, even if it is an identical sistership.


 Technology has impacted every aspect of our sailing lives. Improvements in materials and construction methods along with computer aided design and cutting produce sails that are far more versatile, lighter and stronger.  


Creating the perfect cruising sail, though is a balance between art and science. Buying the perfect cruising sail is a consultative process.  By the time you have finalized your sail buying decision and narrowed down the size, shape, material and construction method, the relationship you have with your sail maker should feel like a friendship.  


The day your new sail arrives and is fitted to your boat should bring you joy, satisfaction and inspiration to go sailing.




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