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Sails withstand a lot of abuse. Whether from flogging, constant chafing or just dealing with the harsh marine environment, sails need constant attention. The good news is many of the repairs we perform daily are routine and relatively inexpensive. Fixing torn seams, chafed UV covers, damage from spreaders, rewebbing slides and restitching corner webbings, are all minor repairs we address very economically. We also understand your deadlines. You only have a small window of time to use your boat and being stuck in dock because the job isn't finished can ruin your weekend. We go above and beyond to have your sails ready. We also perform Emergency repairs -- same day and overnight service.
Our Team  --  Our Process
Our service team strives to be the best in the business. Every sail is personally checked over and serviced by experienced sailmakers. The team is led by John Balano, a lifelong sailor, avid cruiser, and meticulous craftsman.
We have developed an exclusive 10-point checklist. Every sail receives a rigorous check over in accordance with the checklist to assess its condition and address any repairs needed. As every sail is completed, a detailed description of the work performed and a record of the sail's condition is reflected on each client's invoice.
    Take A Look At Our 10-Point Checklist
The most important factor in sail washing is maintaining the cloth's original structural integrity, no matter how old or used the sail. At Chesapeake Sailmakers, our sails are soaked in appropriate cleaning agents for up to 24 hours before they are gone over by hand. All sails are fresh water rinsed, then hung to dry. Once dry, they get a final inspection as they are flaked and prepped for storing. We often recommend sail washing every other or every third year for bay sailors and possibly every year for clients spending time offshore in areas with a higher salt content.  We strongly recommend against any process of re-resinating sails as we have seen too many sails die before their time.
Our service staff has years of dealing with the impact of UV exposure on sails. Regular maintenance is required to keep your sails free of life shortening UV deterioration. We check the stitching to make sure that it is free of UV damage and restitch your cover and corner webbings where necessary. We can also replace all or part of your current UV cover to ensure that your sail is being protected from damaging UV rays. Our loft also specializes in canvas repair. We can replace zippers, windows, hardware, patch chafed and torn areas. In addition, we wash and waterproof canvas to help extend its useful life.
Sail recuts for performance and to re-purpose sails are a specialty of ours. We have converted older genoas to solent jibs, created asymmetrical spinnakers from symmetrical spinnakers, performed luff curve modifications and seam adjustments to help improve the overall shape of sails. Frequently our loft will work with clients on special projects like installing Dutchman Systems, converting a main to full battens, adding reefs, installing strong track luff slides and just about any other sail project you can dream up.

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