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Elvstrom Sails Production 

Since 2003, Chesapeake Sailmakers has been a full service sail loft, repairing and building new sails in our loft in Annapolis. Over the years we realized that to serve clients better we needed to make some changes. Moving forward our Annapolis loft is primarily focused on sail repairs and canvas work, with limited new sail construction.


To provide our clients with the best quality sails, reliable production schedules and extremely competitive pricing, we have Joined the Elvstrom Sails Network of International sail lofts. Elvstrom Sails have an incredibly large production facility with state-of-the-art design tools and computerized cutters. They have every type of sewing machine and are equipped to handle sails of all sizes. Their  facility is also equipped with a custom heated floor and filament stringing machine for membrane construction. We have been very pleased with the open lines of communication, access to all major cloth manufactures, reliable air freight services and the exceptional product quality. Our affiliation with over 60 Elvstrom sail lofts world-wide offers us an incomparable service network.


Deciding to join Elvstrom Sails and shift our new sail production overseas was extremely difficult. We explored alliances with production facilities in China, Sri Lanka, The Phillipines, The United States and New Zealand. Each had strong aspects to their business model some offering better production for cruising sails while others are more race sail oriented. After an exhaustive search we feel confident that our Partnering with Elvstrom Sails offers the highest quality sails, greatest range of product offerings, competitive pricing, a stable corporate environment and reliable delivery. In short it makes us a stronger company.

Elvstrom Sails EPEX Membrane
Expert Sail Manufacturing


Our strategic alliance with Elvstrom Sails has expanded our loft's production capabilities. With a full range of sewing machines and a talented group of experienced sailmakers, the construction details and workmanship measure up to the highest standards in the industry. Visit our gallery of Sail photos to gain a better understanding of our capabilities and see some of our exception construction details; you won't be disappointed.


We are prepared to handle all types of sail construction, for everything from One Design Racers, Bay Cruisers, to Gran Prix Racers, Blue Water Cruisers and Mega Yachts.​




State-of-the-Art Approach


The process starts with an information gathering session where we discuss how you use your boat and what your wants and needs are. We then make a trip to your boat and perform a detailed measurement to collect the data for the sail plan and design. 


Utilizing the data collected, we create a two dimensional sail plan, then a three dimensional sail design, drawing upon our library of sail shape files. The completed design is then reviewed before being sent to our computerized plotter/cutter.


We are one of the few lofts using a laser cutter. Laser cutters seal the edge of the fabric to prevent fraying. Dacrons and Nylons ideally should be cut on laser cutters. The plotter/cutter labels all parts, plots seam allowances, then cut the entire sail to an amazing tolerance. This process is very efficient for cutting sails but also is so sophisticated that it makes the construction of the sail much more efficient and reduces the chance of errors in construction.​


EPEX Membrane Production


Highly customized and engineered membrane sails feature the greatest weight to shape retention available. When performance counts, whether it's winning a national championship or having your performance cruiser live up to your standards, the membrane process offers a clear advantage.


Our loft has the capabilities to perform complicated load analysis and translate that into a membrane perfectly designed and engineered to make your boat perform. We string sails in Carbon, Vetran, Aramid and Dynema. Our membranes are offered as film on film, film on tafetta or double tafetta.


Having exclusive access to our own membrane sail production system helps control costs and keeps lead times within reason. If performance is important to you, why not treat yourself to the best racing or cruising sail available!

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