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Searching for a simple, functional and cost effective solution for your Mainsail? Look no further!
Chesapeake Sailmakers' EZ Main System is your solution. You will avoid exorbitant mast or boom replacement costs associated with "in mast" or "in boom" mainsail furling systems, keep your powerful, full roach main and enjoy sailing again. Chesapeake Sailmakers can adapt your new cruising sail or an existing sail to function easily with an EZ Main System. Next time your bring your mainsail in for a sail repair ask about the Chesapeake Sailmakers EZ Main System.

Our system combines two reliable and seaworthy products: the Tides Marine Strong Track and the Stack Pack style mainsail cover. Chesapeake Sailmakers' EZ Main System is affordable, simple to install and easy to use.


Getting your main up and down becomes virtually frictionless and even improves each time you raise and lower your main.


At Chesapeake Sailmakers, we listen carefully to your needs and requirements. We offer two versions of the EZ Main System to fit your needs.



  • The inshore and bay sailing model is afforable and its craftsmanship surpasses many other brands.



  • The offshore model is all that plus extra chafe protection at the luff and reef areas and incorporates textillene drains along the foot.


There are a lot of main handling systems on the market today, but our experience and attention to detail coupled with expert fitting make our EZ Main System stand out in a crowded anchorage.


“I love the Strong Track System and how it has made hoisting and dropping the mainsail effortless on Tiki Rose."

Mary Greblunas, Petrorian 35

“The EZ Main System really works.  I'm using my Main again and really enjoying my boat's performance."

John Ford, O'Day 35

EZ Main System

Form.  Follows.  Function.

Neat, clean and attractive.  Most important is the functionality.  Every EZ Main System is designed specifically to the customer's boat and their individual needs, not a generic sailcover.  This guarantees that it works right the first time and every time.

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