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The Twelve Days of Christmas Sale!

The sale starts Decenber 25, Christmas Day and runs through January 5. Special deals will be posted everyday and can be redeemed by liking Chesapeake Sailmakers on Facebook and e-mailing or calling 410-263-4840 to receive your quote. The special pricing will be valid for 12 days after you receive your quote. Don't forget to tell your friends.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Chesapeake Sailmakers

On the 7th Day of Christmas Our Special Deal for You!

EZ Mainsail Stack Pack Sailcover with Lazy Jacks

On the 7th Day of Christmas... We put the EZ Mainsail System on Sale. You have just 12 days to place your order, call us by January 11 to save big!


30% off the full system and installation.


Searching for a simple, functional and cost effective solution for your Mainsail handling? Look no further!


Chesapeake Sailmakers' EZ Main Stack Pack Sailcover with Lazy Jacks is your solution. You will avoid exorbitant mast or boom replacement costs associated with "in mast" or "in boom" mainsail furling systems, keep your powerful, full roach main and enjoy sailing again.


Our special deal is 30% Off


An EZ Mainsail Stack Pack Sailcover with Lazy Jacks, complete with hardware and full installation.

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